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Software engineer proficient in JavaScript, React, Node, Express, and PostgreSQL. I have over 3 years of experience as a developer and continually expand my technical skill set.



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As a versatile Software Developer, I bring experience in both front-end and back-end development, primarily using JavaScript and React along with its various frameworks like Redux, Express, and Typescript. My expertise extends to working with PostgreSQL and Knex as a JS query builder, demonstrating my ability to handle diverse technologies. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to explore and adapt to different technologies across various roles, continually expanding my skill set. I’m always eager to take on new challenges and contribute to innovative solutions.

NameXevier Turrubiartes
AddressAustin, TX
  • Artificial Compute
    ( 06/2023 — Present )

    Consulting Software Engineer

    • Led the development of dynamic web applications using React and Redux as the sole front-end engineer, resulting in highly interactive and state-managed user interfaces.
    • Implemented Microsoft Clarity, providing valuable user data to UX researchers and informing the product design process.
    • Installed and customized the Intercom chatbot, tailoring its responses to the signed-in user for enhanced assistance and user experience.

  • Rodeo Logistics
    ( 12/2021 — 02/2023 )

    Junior Software Engineer/Quality Assurance Engineer

    • Contributed significantly in a cross-functional team, helping to define features and build powerful, user-friendly products and customer-facing workflow tools.
    • Developed comprehensive test scripts using Cypress, enhancing the efficiency of automated software testing rounds.
    • Managed full lifecycle software development, from initial planning stages to deployment and ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless product rollouts.
    • Identified and documented bugs through rigorous regression testing, creating detailed tickets to facilitate bug reproduction and resolution.
    • Maintained comprehensive technical documentation, including specifications and testing methods, to support future project reference and continuity.

  • DevWorks
    ( 3/2021 — 12/2021 )

    Web Developer

    • Revamped mission-critical web applications using Javascript, React, and Node, enhancing usability and performance.
    • Designed and developed robust APIs using Node, Express middleware routing, and Knex, improving data accessibility and integration.
    • Optimized performance of both frontend and backend code through debugging, DevTools, console logs, and bug reproduction, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
    • Write unit, integration, and end-to-end test using Jest and Puppeteer.

  • Siska Financial Services
    ( 3/2015 — 10/2019 )

    Financial Advisor

    • Serviced accounts for more than 100 clients with over $22 million in investment assets.
    • Counseled clients on financial matters and provided recommendations on investment opportunities, products and services based on client needs and asset availability.

  • Thinkful
    ( 10/2020 — 3/2021 )

    Engineering Immersion

  • University of Houston-Downtown
    ( 2018 )

    Bachelor of Business Administration




Node & Express



Heroku & Vercel





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